Steinkrebse is a fictive brand born from the collaboration between TBWA and the école Estienne. The mission of the brand is to interfere with societal topics. The brand-believe: Don't let the world polish you. In 2018 Steinkrebse intruded in the perfume industry.
We imagined a fragrant tattoo, a tangible perfume which deconstructs the myth of immortality and perfection massively diffused by today's perfume and cosmetics industries. Conversely, "Le Parfum qui tue" is the fuel for mortals, for those who dare, who risk and claim their imperfections.​​​​​​​
To make the perfume known, we displayed branded posters in the Parisian streets that spread the brand message and raise curiosity. On social networks, the hashtag #leparfumquitue helps to create a community around the product and the values its supports.
Project carried out with Alice Aussud, Laura Le Gal and Julien Loutrein.
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