The safety distance by BP
BP wants to encourage people to respect safety distance promoting its app that allows you to pay at the petrol station without leaving your car. Our concept: let’s use Instagram stories to help people understand, in a fun and interactive way, how long 1.5 meters actually is.​​​​​​​
Concept carried out with David Cocchiara and Boris Schreurs at Ogilvy Social Lab (Amsterdam).
The post corona catalogue by IKEA
Ikea wants to support people during lockdown making them keep good memories and testify of this unprecedented period spent at home. The idea: let's create a post corona catalogue to highlight life at home moments inviting Ikea customers to capture their personal scenery.
Concept carried out at Ogilvy Social Lab (Amsterdam).
Tomorrow's road trip by FORD
Ford wants to make people travel despite being under lockdown. The concept: let's use Instagram stories and carrousels to make people enjoy, in a playful and interactive way, a virtual road trip from their couch, and why not inspire them to plan their next trip until they can hit the road again.
Concept carried out at Ogilvy Social Lab (Amsterdam).
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