Stucked in traffic jams and stressed by car horns, 85% of French people get angry while driving. On the other hand, they confess they are much more relaxed when they walk. The campaign Have you seen yourself when you’ve been driving? targets Parisians drivers who dream about more serenity. 
To find them and spread our message, we settled down near by Bercy. First step of our street campaign: the teasing phase. Some stickers, catchy slogans and a Facebook event later and we were ready to take action! On D-Day our objective was to make the Parisians face up to their driver behaviors to better promote walk benefits. For that, we encouraged the most motivated bystanders to pose. Aren't you fed up with sulking while driving? Then relax and take a walk!​​​​​​​
Workshop managed by Mathieu Chévara (Atelier Marge Design). Project carried out with Lou Legras, Nollaig Dipode and Fanny Guilhen.
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