Today, 91% of tourists prefer stays over tours. A sedentary practice which leads to mass tourism. There are places that have to seen absolutely and on the other hand touristic deserts. Then, to reenchant the holiday journey, we created Zag, the bed-kit to hit the road.​​​​​​
Zag is a kit to sleep in a car. It invites the tourist to become a traveller. It encourages them to take the road freely. Easy to carry, simple and playful to install, it adapts to any car. Zag becomes the ambassador of your wandering trips.
The posters immerse in the bucolic and quirky universe of Zag and the claim urges people to travel spontaneously. The spots highlight zageller travelling and explain how the product works. On the social networks Zag inspires the next travelers proposing random and unusual travel experiences thanks to playful social activations and targeted press articles.
Project carried out with Lou Legras, Nollaig Dipode and Fanny Guilhen
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