Have you ever heard the common question "And you, where do you plan to go on holiday ?" ? When it comes dowo choosing our holiday, we prefer choosing a destination on the world map even it means overlooking the journey to get there. Today, 91% of tourists prefer stays over tours. A sedentary practice which leads to mass tourism. There are places that have to seen absolutely and on the other hand touristic deserts. Then, to re-enchant the holiday journey, we created Zag, the bed-kit to hit the road.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The posters immerse in the bucolic and quirky universe of Zag. And the claim « Go on Zag ! » urges people to travel spontaneously. The spots and the Instagram account highlight « zageller » (zag+traveller) travelling and explain how the product works. The unexpected travel generator by Zag, diffused on the social networks, inspires the futur travelers. Despite proposing the Top 10 of destination that must have to be seen, Zag proposes random and unusual travel experiences.
Project carried out with Lou Legras, Nollaig Dipode and Fanny Guilhen
Models : Hugo, Lilian, Yona, Arnaud, Margot, Amélie, Clara and Laura
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